Housewife? More like Boss.

Last weekend, the fabulous Kelly headed over to the Loews Hotel, where we shot this incredible outfit. I don’t even want to disclose how much this outfit costs but it’s not cheap!
While we giggled at the idea of how cool it would be to be a royal, or a first lady, this elegant outfit transported us to another time, another era maybe. Mad Men anyone?
Anyway, enjoy the set!


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Pretty Python Print

So I’ve been pretty terrible at blogging these past years as a photographer and that is for a couple of different reasons but I have decided to blog at least once a month.
So once a month I will be sharing a set of images or talking about inspiration or even giving some editing tips (to anyone who might need some but I by far not a pro retoucher.)

Here goes the first of the monthly posts.
I wanted to share my latest set with Fashion Blogger, Kelly Saks, of Kelly’s Kloset.
She found this little cute location and we got some killer shots might I add.


Visit her blog here:

Shooting with Ria Michelle

Hello world!
First of all I am so excited to finally have blogs integrated into my website, I have been on a blogging addiction and I was so excited to see that 4ormat was adding blogs to our sites! It just makes it easier to have everything in one place, I was using wordpress before but I already run this website and my personal blog so thanks but no thanks to running things on a million different sites! Anyway, last week I got the awesome opportunity to shoot one of my favorite Miami gals. She is probably my favorite Miami fashion blogger! Her style is just so much like mine and maybe even edgier, which only makes it better.
I am talking about the gorgeous, Ria Michelle! Not only is this girl extremely fashionable but she is also a huge fashion icon and entrepreneur, she runs online boutique, Filthy Magic. So last week we met up at Shore Club, located in Miami Beach to get some shots of her outfit!
These are some of the images I got of her, I swear she wasn’t even posing, she just is this fabulous.

I have to say that her blue lipstick matched our location perfectly and funny enough, a couple of men stopped to say hello and compliment her lipstick choice, which by the way is from the brand, Melt Cosmetics, which I have been dying to try, since they have such vibrant pigments!
Anyway, make sure to head over to Ria’s blog to read more about her outfit!
Andrea (Bella Mente Photo)

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