My name is Andrea and I am a photographer based in South Florida.

I specialize in fashion and beauty photography as well as portraiture.

Portraits have been and will always be my favorite thing to capture; there's just something beautiful about freezing time and a personality. 

I am available for travel and will work closely with you to create the images you dream of. 

"A wise man once told me that we are craftsmen, that photographers work with two key elements; light and time. Creating images over the past few years has become an amazing journey. The photographs I make are a reflection of the things I have seen, the music I listen to, the people who influence me and the things I love most. When I make an image, it's a process, sometimes a long one, but at the end of the journey there is this great sense of fulfillment. Art isn't about what's popular and what can make a lot of money, real art is about the connection and the feeling that the artwork has, how much it can move you and what it can say."

"When she's not behind the camera..."

She's behind a computer, writing a blog, recording videos or taking cat naps with her 5 cats. 

Wanna read her blog? 

Head over to Belair Beautiful to see more! 

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